Our Education Strategy

The Education Strategy

The Education Strategy is a 12-month framework of planned education projects to enable registered organisations, their officers, employees and members, as well as registered auditors, to stay up to date with emerging education campaigns and developments relating to registered organisations.

Through education, new tools and collaborative events, the ROC aims to equip officers and employees of all registered organisations with the capabilities for achieving best practice outcomes.

The Education Strategy for 2019/20 includes planned dates of release of education resources including fact sheets, podcasts and newsletters, and the schedule of upcoming interactive workshops. It has been developed taking into account stakeholder feedback to ensure that the ROC continues to deliver education services that are practical, user friendly, effective and sought-after.


Download: Education Strategy 2019/20

Download: Education Strategy 2018/19


Note: Due to the current corona virus pandemic, the release of the ROC's education materials may not be fully in accordance with the Education Strategy 2019/20 as we respond to the emerging concerns and issues of our stakeholders