Webinar for Auditors available now

28 June 2017 

Auditors who audit registered organisations are being encouraged to take part in a webinar presented by the Registered Organisations Commission.


The webinar is available now on the Commission’s website – www.roc.gov.au – and is able to be viewed at any time.

'This comprehensive webinar will help auditors understand every step of the registration process,' Registered Organisations Commissioner Mark Bielecki said.

'The presentation will teach auditors how to access helpful tools on our website, such as model financial statements, reporting guidelines, guidance notes and Frequently Asked Questions. Auditors are also able to access the checklists we use to assess financial reports.'

During the webinar, auditors will have the opportunity to ask questions, provide feedback and download the presentation slides for future reference.

Commissioner Bielecki says promoting a high level of financial compliance amongst registered organisations is one of his priorities.

'The registration of auditors is a significant step towards ensuring high standards of accountability and transparency amongst the 110 registered organisations that operate in Australia,' Commissioner Bielecki said. 'I encourage all auditors to take part in this webinar.'

The Commission has recently held workshops in Melbourne and Sydney to inform auditors about their new obligations.

The publication of this webinar is another proactive measure by the Commission in educating registered organisations about their new responsibilities.

To access the webinar please click here.


Media Enquiries: media@roc.gov.au