Registered Organisations Commission information workshops

8 March 2018

On 6 March 2018 the Registered Organisations Commission (the ROC) delivered an information workshop to more than 130 delegates from about 40 registered organisations. The workshop was part of an initiative to further assist unions and employer associations to better understand how to comply with their regulatory obligations.

The workshop informed delegates about how to comply with various provisions of the RO Act. The agenda, based on feedback from stakeholders, included a panel of barristers on the corrupting benefits legislation and officer and related party disclosures, navigation of ROC resources, financial reporting, ROC inquiries and investigations (including case studies) and the whistleblower scheme. This is what some of the delegates from trade unions and employer associations had to say:

  • ‘The tools and accessibility are top shelf’
  • ‘Very positive. I would not hesitate to call the ROC now to seek info/advice/support…’
  • ‘very well run’
  • ‘My interactions with ROC have fostered confidence. Thank you’
  • ‘I am extremely impressed’
  • ‘So beneficial to put a face to names and to have the ability to form professional relationships’
  • ‘Real people giving real answers’

We would like to thank the members of the panel of barristers – Jamie Darams, Lucy Saunders and Oshie Fagir - for providing a well-received question and answer session in relation to corrupting benefits and officer and related party disclosures.  

Further ROC workshops in other locations

Feedback from the Parramatta workshop strongly supported the idea that the ROC should conduct further workshops. We are now collating feedback about potential preferred locations for future information workshops and topics that stakeholders are interested in.

New educational resources now available

The slides from the workshop are available for viewing here:

The following new ROC resources were launched at the workshop on 6 March 2018:

The following existing ROC resource was updated, and the updated version was launched at the workshop on 6 March 2018:

‘We are committed to making information readily accessible to support registered organisations and help them comply with their regulatory obligations,’ said RO Commissioner, Mr Mark Bielecki.

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