ROC encourages webinar participation


28 June 2017

The Registered Organisations Commission is encouraging members of registered organisations to take part in a webinar to learn more about the Commission’s role and responsibilities.

The webinar is available now on the Commission’s website – – and is able to be viewed at any time.

“This webinar provides the members of registered organisations with an excellent opportunity to learn more about the Commission,” Registered Organisations Commissioner Mark Bielecki said.

“Registered organisations report membership of about two million Australians, but those members may not be aware of the Commission’s role and responsibilities in regulating organisations. This webinar will help members understand what we do.”

The webinar also explains how members can access the Annual Returns, Financial Reports and Election Documents of a registered organisation.

“One of the key responsibilities of the Commission is to promote accountability and transparency amongst registered organisations,” Commissioner Bielecki said.

“To this end, we publish the key documents of every registered organisation on our easily-accessible website.”

To access the webinar click here.


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