The ROC has released a new webinar to assist with preparation of annual returns

23 February 2018

The Registered Organisations Commission has released a webinar to assist registered organisations with the preparation and finalisation of annual return lodgements. You can participate in this webinar by clicking on the link below:  

This webinar, and recently updated educational material in relation to annual returns and notification of changes, can also be accessed through the 'fact sheets, templates and webinars' page of this website. The recently updated material includes annual return templates, notification of changes templates and ROC internal assessment checklists for annual returns and notification of changes lodgements.

The purposes of our educational resources include:

  • to increase clarity about annual return requirements,
  • to provide transparency about the ROC's assessment processes and expectations, and
  • to save organisations time and resources by reducing the necessity for amended or further lodgements.

The ROC recommends the use of the available templates, as they assist organisations to comply with all of the relevant requirements in the legislation. 

If you have any questions in relation to your annual return or notification of changes lodgements, or about any other matter, please contact our office during business hours on 1300 341 665, or email Obtaining our advice about specific matters prior to lodgement is another way to ensure your lodgement is filed without the need to lodge any further or amended material.