Education and advice - Notification of changes to records

12 October 2017

The Registered Organisations Commission has recently published new educational material about the obligation for registered organisations to notify changes to their records under section 233(2) of the Fair Work (Registered Organisations) Act 2009.  You can access the material here:

These documents were released as part of an education campaign to assist office holders and staff of registered organisations to understand the requirements of, and voluntarily comply with the obligation. The documents are also available on the Fact Sheets, Templates and Webinars page of our website.

The obligation to notify changes to records is a civil penalty provision, which means that registered organisations or their prescribed office holders may be potentially liable for any breaches.

Compliance with the obligation assists members to participate in the democratic functioning and control of their organisations and promotes accountability of office holders who are managing the funds and assets of registered organisations.

The ROC publishes the list of office holders and all notifications of changes to the branches, office addresses and office holders in the annual return publication of the relevant registered organisation. These can be found on the Find A Registered Organisation page of our website.