Access, accountability and reporting

This page contains links to resources and publications that form part of the regulatory framework of the Registered Organisations Commission (ROC). This includes information about the ROC's operations, accountability and efficiency. You can find out more about accessing information from the ROC on the Freedom of Information webpage

The ROC is an independent government body, forming part of the Fair Work Ombudsman and Registered Organisations Commission Entity (FWOROCE), along with the Fair Work Ombudsman (FWO). Some of the ROC's regulatory requirements are fulfilled jointly with the FWO through the FWOROCE.   

FWOROCE Annual Reports

These outline the performance of the ROC and the FWO.

  • 2018–19

Read the ROC performance report in the 2018–19 FWOROCE Annual Report (View PDF version)

  • 2017–18

Read the ROC performance report in the 2017–18 FWOROCE Annual Report (View PDF version)

  • 2016–17

Read the ROC performance report in the 2016–17 FWOROCE Annual Report (View PDF version)

FWOROCE Portfolio Budget Statements

These outline the resources and budgeted expenses for both the ROC and the FWO.

  • 2018–19

Portfolio Budget Statements 2018–2019

  • 2017–18

Portfolio Budget Statements 2017–2018

Portfolio Additional Estimates Statements 2017–2018

ROC Legal Services Expenditure Report 2017–2018

FWO Legal Services Expenditure Report 2017–2018

FWOROCE Corporate Plan

  • 2019–20

Download: 2019–2020 FWOROCE Corporate Plan 
Sets out the strategic direction for each of the ROC and the FWO for 201920 to 202223

  • 2018–19

Download: 2018–2019 FWOROCE Corporate Plan 

  • 2017–18

Download: 2017–2018 FWOROCE Corporate Plan 

FWOROCE Executive Remuneration

  • 2017–18

Download: FWOROCE Executive Remuneration 2017–2018

  • 2016–17

Download: FWOROCE Executive Remuneration 2016–2017

The Regulator Performance Framework

The Regulator Performance Framework (RPF) is an important part of the Government’s commitment to reducing the cost of unnecessary or inefficient regulation. The RPF encourages regulators to undertake functions and achieve objectives with the minimum impact on regulated entities by, among other things, measuring and publicly reporting performance. Six Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) were developed by the Government in 2014, against which regulators measure their performance.

The ROC is required to report against the KPIs commencing from the year 201718. The following performance metrics have been developed to assess our performance against the KPIs. Our results will be published on our website.

Tenders and contract listing

All requests for tenders by the ROC are advertised on the Government Tendering website, AusTender. It provides centralised publication of Australian Government business opportunities, annual procurement plans and contracts awarded.

Under the Senate Order for Entity Contracts the FWOROCE must set out contracts for services costing more than $100 000 that haven't been completed, or have been entered into during the previous 12 months. The contracts are set out in lists published on the AusTender website. 

The 2018 calendar year procurement contracts are available through the Senate Order Report on the AusTender Senate Order page.

For the All Agencies report of the previous periods, visit the AusTender Archived Reports page.

Senate Estimates

The transcripts of the ROC's appearances at Senate Estimates before the Education and Employment Committee and the ROC's responses to Questions on Notice are available at:

Public Notices

On 21 June 2018 the ROC published a notice, pursuant to regulation 134 of the Fair Work (Registered Organisations) Regulations 2009, regarding an application by the New South Wales Branch of the Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation to conduct its own elections for office. Further information, including a copy of the application and notice, can be found on the ANMF page of this website.